Friday, December 23, 2005

Cheney and Rumsfeld on catching spies

Most Americans are not aware of the Office of Special Planning, created secretly and privately by Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretery Rumsfeld, to oversee all Intelligence Agencies. When Cheney/Rumsfeld leave office, of course all that secret information on American citizens will disappear into their own private bunkers for their personal use.

Recently, the Office of special plans intercepted a threatening phone conversation when they bugged a notorious Vegan cell group, also known as Lettuce. The mid-eastern heads of Lettuce, led by the mastermind named Leafy and his 2nd lieutenants Radish and Rutabaga, have been lurking around produce sections in some of our U.S. major markets. Who knows what evil lurks in the heads of Lettuce. We certainly feel safer knowing the Cheney/Rumsfeld Office of Special Planning is protecting us from the fast growing Vegan bunch.

Jerry Drucker

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